Ikara Colt!

Kid Galahad!

The Rock of Travolta!

Wow. Who would have thought it? All three of those amazing (up-and-coming, etc etc) bands in one issue.
Well it's true. What else is true? Well, Karl of Transelement fame* writes on first impressions of albums. Hannah writes on her first ever gig. Ruth writes loads of cartoons. Everyone writes loads of reviews and bits and bobs and all kinds of stuff. It's fantastic!

*Maybe "fame" is putting it a bit strongly - but they're good!

What makes The Rock Of Travolta tick? (Erm, in fact, does The Rock Of Travolta tick at all? Oops. Perhaps I should have thought about that before I wrote "What makes The Rock Of Travolta tick?" Never mind.) We tried to find out:

Can you give us 5 words to describe your sound?
Shit shit shit shit sandwich
Are you completely satisfied with the music that you make?
I have to clean my pants regularly. My only gripe is not finding the time to write more new songs. We gig too often.
Could you rhyme off a few of the latest records you bought?
I don't buy records - people give them to me for free. On the last tour we popped into a second hand tape shop and bought for the tour van Michael Jackson "Thriller", Slayer, Queen and Motorhead. We had been listening to 3 solid days of Fugazi before that. On the tour before that one we only bought the Kylie album.