There was a creative lull in the first part of the year. Not on our part - where was all the good new music? Goddamn! Anyway, it meant that issue 14 was delayed until the eager beavers at Emancipation eventually got together a gorgeous assortment of good bands to talk to and listen to: Clearlake, Miocene, Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia..., and Parachute.

Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia... make a Mogwai-esque racket sandwiched between loud, sharp synth drums and achingly desolate lyrics.

James: "I find it (the album) very scary to listen to."
Why's that?
James: "It's... very tense."
Tim: "Yeah, there's songs on there, you just don't want to think about where they've come from, at all."
Emma: "I've been told by my boyfriend that he can't listen to the whole thing the whole way through. He listens to the first two songs at a time then just stops it cos it upsets him - then he does something else to recover and then listens again, which is quite cool. I think this is the reaction we're trying to provoke."