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So you're not moving towards Spandex pants or anything like that?
J - No, no. But explosions could definitely be in order. Maybe during 'Filth of it All' (makes explosion noise)
C - If you think about it, that would be pretty funny, you know. The problem with rock over the last few years is that it's not funny enough. But America's having too much fun and English bands they just got a little sedate for a while. It happened in America too with the whole grunge thing, where it's just like shoegazing. People wanna have fun. They wanna be entertained.
There's just not enough make-up anymore.
C - (laughs) Well, God knows the world is waiting for the next David Bowie.
J - Somehow Daivd Bowie... I think he did put on tights and actally, you know, nobody seems to hold it against him...
C - Well, he had good songs.
J - It's just everybody else. Still, I don't think it matters much.
C - None of that stuff matters if you've got good songs.
J - So, we're going to do the show in tights.

(*sort of)