Issue 10 was a bit of an odd-one-out - it was produced in a short space of time due to my leaving the country for 6 months, and for that reason, it is a little thinner than most. For that reason, it was free! free! And for THAT reason, it was quite limited in edition. Contents included interviews with Jets to Brazil and Bonebox, and a choose-your-own-adventure. Ooberman and The Make Up are featured, and there's no shirking on the odd cartoons and visuals... even at this price!

BONE-BOX: "The best thing is in really quiet bits, just when you've made some great sounds, it feels brilliant when everyone shuts up. With Gold Blade [Jay's 'other' band], everyone gets the chance to jump around, but with this - to capture people's attention and get them to really shut up, that's a really top thing to do."
So you prefer that to making people dance? "To make people dance is to give them energy, and this is kinda like an anti-energy, a negative energy - when you can hear a pin drop, and there's this silence from the audience - it's a weird feeling for a guy who's used to getting people to jump around."