E m a n c i p a t i o n ! ! ! ! ! ! Oh yeah! Emancipation hit the streets in funky orange, and it had coolness written all over it. Issue 1 features Gold Blade, Freeboy, Wilson, and Monkey Island in interview madness... Gold Blade being the maddest of the lot...

There's also some cool articles: top 5s of almost everything ever, 'how to spot an indie band', plenty of reviews, and Pass the Pigs of course.

treat youself to some of the oddness of... GOLD BLADE
If you were an ice-cream, what flavour would you be?
Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, what would you like to come back as?
"One of my own offspring so as to continue the good work and kick out the future jams."
Is Elvis still alive?
"Alive and well and living in my cellar dressed as the Gimp."