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Blunkett back below the parapet

David Blunkett has (again) resigned his Cabinet post, under fire over his breaking of the ministerial rules. Both he and Tony Blair have refused to admit that any actual wrong-doing has been involved.

This is really frustrating. The refusal to acknowledge wrong-doing opens the way up for Blunkett to slip back into government, whenever Blair decides that enough time has passed for the fickle public to forget what went before. I am not looking forward to the day Blunkett is re-appointed, despite his proven wrongdoings in this government post and the last one.

Thursday 3rd November 2005 | politics | Permalink
Name: Sam
Website: http://www.samscam.co.uk
Date: Thursday 3rd November 2005 10:08
Did you watch the hilarious Channel 4 drama about him - from our occasional personal experiences of him in Sheffield he really is that creepy. "Oh Sadie gets all the attention, they never pat me"

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