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For sausages: The Cock, Hemingford Grey

The Cock in Hemingford Grey (Cambridgeshire) serves amazingly good sausages. We ate there last night - I had asparagus with lemon hollandaise for starters, then the "Boathouse" sausages (pork with nutmeg, ginger, and some other stuff I think) served with red wine sauce and garlic mash. Cor it was nice, some of the best sausages I've had in a long time. Recommended. Apparently the other sausages were good too...

Other sources of good sausages: S&M Cafe in London (not quite as gourmetish but a nice atmosphere and a good selection), and Lucy/Gen/Meredith's house when they made their own gourmet sausages that time.

Sunday 1st June 2008 | food | Permalink
Name: Quintin
Website: http://sitenox.com
Email: quintin dort mason art gmail dort com
Date: Wednesday 10th September 2008 21:48
Thank you for your advice. I will visit this place to taste all these things. After have read your proposition I have had slobbers in my mouth.

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