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Whose crime initiative?

Slightly confusingly, the London Lite today says that the large fall in annual tube-robberies (from 399 to 192) vindicates Mayor Boris's zero-tolerance approach to knife crime. But... the fall is from 2006 to 2007, i.e. quite a few months before Boris got into office!

(BTW the fall is a good thing, but since it comes from a policy of random screenings at tube stations, it's quite likely to have simply shifted the problem out of the underground and onto the streets, surely? Let's hope not. But it means we can't really know if a more general screening programme would have the same effect...)

Wednesday 28th May 2008 | politics | Permalink
Name: N Cook
Email: king_nelson_brilliant art yahoo dort com
Date: Wednesday 28th May 2008 22:29
I noticed this as well. It seems to be that the Standard are starting early with storing up a stock of good headlines for "their man" - it will look good on his campaign leaflets!

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