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Pouring fire into the Middle East

The USA has announced a massive sending of weaponry to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, allegedly to shore them up against "influences" from Iran and from groups like Hizbollah and Al Quaida. (The weaponry is being sold to Saudi Arabia, but seems to be being donated to Israel.) Sounds like a great way to ensure peace and stability, yes? Well, maybe it's some consolation prize for having created a complete hornet's nest in their neighbouring Iraq, as well as being backed by the US's apparent fear of Iran. But giving away missile guidance systems to warlike (Israel) or wahhabi (Saudi Arabia) nations strikes me as a strange way to try and pacify the situation.

Tuesday 31st July 2007 | politics | Permalink
Name: Dganit Elyakim
Email: d_elyakim art yahoo dort com
Date: Saturday 4th August 2007 16:47
Probably, if you were living just a few miles from places where terror organizations are legit, if your best friends, simple citizens, were constantly bombed by these organizations, probably then you could understand all those things that you just 'wonder' about.
I am so sick and tired of pseudo- pacifists that get their information during the 30 seconds they eat their cornflakes in the morning and think that they are even entitled to even have an opinion about it. Not to mention the responsibility of publishing it.

It doesn’t mean that I completely disagree with you. I refused to serve the Israeli army (not an easy thing to do). It is just that you are just the one to take a stand.
BTW- Take care of the little details: Israel doesn’t buy the weapon from the USA. The USA pays Israel to make it for itself. At least try to adopt a real intellectual appearance.
Name: Dan
Website: http://www.mcld.co.uk
Date: Sunday 5th August 2007 13:46
You think I'm not entitled to an opinion? That is a shame.

Irrespective of whether it took me 30 seconds to form my opinion (it didn't) I'm entitled to it, and to express it. Certainly I've never visited the Middle East but that doesn't mean I should ignore the politics of interactions between Middle East countries, especially when those interactions are essentially global interactions that have a direct bearing on lots of places, including London where I live.

Thanks for your comments, though.
Name: Dganit Elyakim
Email: d_elyakim art yahoo dort com
Date: Friday 26th October 2007 15:01
Everybody is entitled to have an opinion. There is a certain amount of resposibility in publishing your opinion. People forget to take that into account. Democracy should not be abused.

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