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74 alcohol-free beers, ranked and rated

Back when I first tried alcohol-free beer, I only knew of one from Sainsbury's (not bad) and Becks Blue (meh) - little did we know that by 2020, there would be so many that it's hard to keep track of them all! There are many good ones but also a few to avoid. I'm shocked to report that not only have we tasted over 70 alcohol-free beers, but also... a whopping twenty-two of them are so nice that I'd enthusiastically recommend them to all of you.

I won't list them all directly here (but you can see the spreadsheet if you like - oh yes... and here's a PDF of it). Here are some of the most fabulous and notable ones we encountered. Cheers!

  • van de Streek "Playground IPA" - a delightful IPA, that beat some of our other faves in a blindfold taste test. It's got a lovely clear taste and mouthfeel, and the balanced but detailed flavour you want. You need to seek this one out!

  • Big Drop "Lil IPL" - a fabulous low-alcohol "India Pale Lager", a perfect match of late-hopped tang with lagery Helles notes. Big Drop is a UK brewery that only makes alcohol-free beers - they have many good ones but this (a collaboration with Salt Beer) is flipping delightful. You should also try other IPAs and lagers from Big Drop, perhaps easier to find than this one.

  • Hambleton "Point Five" - a very lovely piney scent and taste, and this one from a Yorkshire brewery has a slightly different flavour than some of the bigger names in alcohol-free (brewed differently? maybe), so is a great one to try.

  • Brand "Brand IPA 0.0%" - lovely IPA with a hint of sourness. And it's 0.0! This is by far the best 0.0% IPA we've encountered. There are quite a few 0.0% lagers, and 0.5% IPAs, but if you like hops and zeroes, this is our tip for you.

  • Infinite Session "Pale ale" - a very nice balanced pale ale indeed, this one from London, and possibly the best British pale we've had. The other beers from Infinite Session are also pretty good, but the Pale Ale is the one that hits the nail on the head.

  • Maisel "Maisel's Weisse" - a superb alcohol-free wheat beer, with a classic Bavarian taste. Slightly more lively and refreshing that the one by Rothaus, but both are great. I really like the classic Bavarian-style wheat beers so I've tested a few, and the Maisel's is definitely the best.

  • Nirvana "Hoppy Pale Ale" - this has a very clear crisp taste, light and with a good citrussy hop flavour at the end. I wasn't expecting much since I dislike the other beers from Nirvana, but this one's definitely recommendable - refreshing, and slightly different to some others I've had.

  • Brewdog "Hazy AF" - this is a lovely juicy IPA, with a clear nice citra/citrus dry flavour to finish. Brewdog are well-known for their Nanny State alcohol-free IPA, available for many years now, and they've also come out with "Punk AF". Yvonne and I differ on which of the Brewdog brews are the best - frankly they're all good. For me the hazy is the one I'd most like more of.

  • Lervig "No Worries Grapefruit" - a great grapefruit-infused IPA from Norway. The grapefruit juice dominates the flavour, but its gentle sourness fits perfectly with the gently bitterness from the late hopping. Extremely well-balanced and satisfying. (See also: Konx by Omnipollo, very similar and almost as good.)

  • van de Streek "Non-Bock" - a really very nice brown ale. Nicely balanced, no complaints. The Dutch brewery van de Streek have done it again! There aren't many "wintry" beers in the alcohol-free line-up, so this is notable.

  • San Miguel "San Miguel 0.0%" - an alcohol-free version of the well-known Spanish/Filipino lager. The flavour is good, it's refreshing, and a nice balanced aftertaste. Definitely one of the best I've had from a trad big brewery! (See also the Stella Artois 0.0% - that's also pretty darn good from a big brewer.)

  • Big Drop & Fyne "Jam Session raspberry gose" - a very interesting raspberry drink with floral/nutty flavours in the background.

  • Leffe "Leffe Blonde 0.0%" - nice full Belgian flavour, but seemed to us overly sweet. A very good Belgian zero-percent beer. It's not perfect, but, yet again, this one makes the list because it's good to have an alkofrei version of a very classic beer.

  • Greene King "Old Speckled Hen low-alcohol" - great to have a classic British dark bitter as a decent low-alcohol. This one's nice tasting and well-balanced, though I find it quite drying, so didn't want to stick with it for a full session.

Our other top picks are:

  • Mariestads "Sommerlager"
  • Jopen "Non-IPA"
  • Big Drop "Pale Ale"
  • Värmdö "Ingarö Eko IPA"
  • Big Drop "Citra 4 hop pale ale"
  • Big Drop "Paradiso Citra IPA"
  • Infinite Session "IPA"
  • Shipyard "Low Tide Pale Ale"
  • Mikkeller "Drink in the Sun"
  • Adnams "Ghost Ship alcohol-free"
  • Rothaus "Hefe Weizen"
  • Big Drop "Pine Trail"
  • Drop Bear "Tropical IPA"
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