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What to do with limequats

Philippa was getting us some fruit & veg and saw some tiny lime/lemon-like things. "What are they?" "Limequats. Cross between a kumquat and a lime." "What do you do with them?" "Dunno, we haven't sold them before." So she bought some.

The internet didn't have much useful advice for us - apparently you can make preserves with them but, well, what about food for tonight?

We've tried a few things. I did a baked fish thing with them that was blooming dreadful, but I think I just picked the wrong fish at the market, that's the main reason. Philippa made a sauce for gnocchi where she squeezed the juice from a handful of them and used that, which worked fine but given how tiny they are it's a lot of effort to juice them all, and the flavour is pretty mild cos you're using the juice and not the peel (they're also too small to have a good go with a peeler...)

So what I recommend is: rinse them, chop them in half, and then throw a handful of them into a sauce, letting them cook for 5 minutes or so. That way, you'll get flavour from the juice and the rind, and also the flesh softens nicely and can be scooped out and eaten.

It makes for a very decorative dish - you don't want to eat the entire things so you'll be leaving the rinds on the side of your plate, but that's not too much of a faff.

We've cooked them that way in a pink wine sauce for gnocchi, and a meaty tomato sauce for pasta. They add a nice zesty flavour and a bit of interest. The flavour's not much different from lime or lemon, so using the whole (halved) fruit like this kind of makes the most of their unusualness.

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