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The best recipe book is

I've got lots of recipe books of course, some good ones - but for Christmas I got given the latest Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall book River Cottage Every Day and it's spot on.

I've got HFW's Fish book and that is like a massive encyclopedia; it's good, but I haven't cooked many of the recipes cos they're not really compatible with the kinds of thing you can get from an ordinary supermarket. But this new book is much more appropriate for an ordinary person cooking at home - loads of variety and the ingredients aren't crazy.

A lot of recipe books have "easy" "everyday" stuff that's really obvious (as long as you know how to cook the basics), and some of the more interesting books have stuff in that's far too intricate or rare to ever get round to trying.

It's a rare trick to have a full set of interesting, do-able recipes that taste really nice and don't involve too much messing about.

Here's a couple of things I've made from the book:

  • Lamb with lemon and barley
  • Tupperware chorizo carbonara
  • Bloody mary beefburgers
  • Beetroot and walnut hummus
  • Salt and pepper squid
  • Curried fish pie
  • Easy rich chocolate cake

Well it's up to you what you make of that list - it's only the ones I decided to make, and frankly they were all bloody lovely.

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