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puredyne: new linux for real-time audio+video

Puredyne is a linux distro specialised for real-time audio+video art. It's also a live distro, meaning it boots straight off a USB stick or CD - so you can use it without trashing your current mac/windows/linux install, or plug it in when you turn up at some random university computer room or whatever. How cool is that?

The latest version of puredyne is now out - puredyne 9.10 (carrot&coriander), released Jan 16th 2010. It's based on the latest ubuntu, with a real-time kernel, a streamlined graphical interface and loads of software for realtime video and audio processing. There's SuperCollider, PureData, Fluxus, Processing, Ardour, Mixxx, Chuck, Csound, Icecast... all built right in.

scvim in puredyne

I've been helping the GOTO10 team put this release together and I'm well happy with it, I've always wanted a distro like this (yes I've tried other media distros, Ubuntu Studio, 64 Studio etc). It runs great on my tiny little Eee.

One of the programs I discovered during this is Mixxx which is a free live DJing tool. It's really nice - does a lot of the stuff I've seen in commercial DJ software like tempo-detection, time-stretching/vinyl emulation, and working with timecode vinyl. You point it at your MP3 collection and straight away you're ready to rock the party. You can push the sound through Jack effects etc etc. Nice.

Mixxx in puredyne

Of course the main thing for me is SuperCollider which works really nicely from vim or emacs or gedit. I'm setting it up right now with all my extra bits of code and things, hopefully this is gonna be my distro for live performances - it's by far the best candidate for livecoding etc on my Eee. Get puredyne from here and see what you think.

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