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Automatic birdsong analysis

I've started my first project after my PhD, a small feasibility study into automatic birdsong analysis.

The picture visualises a few seconds of a skylark recording by Dr Elodie Briefer (in QMUL's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences), from her PhD research into the structure of skylark song.

What we're doing is looking at the potential for automatically analysing birdsong signals, which could mean picking them out of recordings, identifying species, identifying individual "syllables" in the song... who knows.

There are already a fair few published research papers about automatic birdsong analysis. I'm looking at the state of the art to determine the scope for future work, such as applying machine learning techniques we've developed in our group, or particular forms of signal analysis such as adaptive transforms.

In my PhD I was looking a lot at voice and music. Birdsong has interesting similarities to both music and spoken language - plus differences of course. So watch this space. And of course get in touch if you're interested.

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