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Hokaben Friday: aPAtT win!

A couple of superlofi photos from Hokaben last night...

Skul Hazzards (above) were fun: mind-destroying riffs that never changed, sort of hypnotic but fun rather than dirgey, so that was good. I also liked Chops who did keyboards+drums in a Stereolabbish good way.

But aPAtT were the winners of the night! Five of them, and something like 10 or 12 instruments that they kept swapping around, playing music that varied unpredictably between funky fun pop and avant-garde weirdness. Some lovely tunes, occasionally featuring clarinet, glockenspiel, accordion, but also occasionally including heavy guitars and screaming. The sound technically was awful: there was so much feedback on stage that the lass had to step into the crowd when she wanted to play the violin without being buried in feedback from the monitors. But the band and the music easily rose above that and they topped off the night no problem.

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