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Helsinki, Finland

Nice to get a look at Helsinki this weekend. One of the first things we did was go to the Design Museum but it wasn't very good: mostly it was modern art rather than design, and a fairly poorly-executed modern art exhibition at that. Where has the design gone, and why don't they leave the art to the art galleries? Hmm. Much better was at the Kiasma Modern Art Gallery which is a beautiful building with a really good collection of modern art, all kinds of great stuff I could tell you about...

Photo of interior, Kiasma galleryLooking at art

Yesterday we went walking. We stopped off at the Sibelius monument which is a great musical monument - many pipes which resonate in the wind (or if you put your head up one and sing). Then we went walking in the Laakso park which is a nice big chunk of park with some nice rocky/mossy wilderness bits.

It's been difficult to find a moderately-priced meal in Helsinki. The best meal so far is the highly-recommended Lemon Grass Thai restaurant, where some very friendly people served us some lovely tofu dishes. A popular little place (there was a bit of a queue for seats), it was dead nice.

The academic bookstoreToday we spent a long time in the extremely large academic bookstore, browsing all sorts of books. Massive place, so big it has two coffee shops inside.

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