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Eating in Inverness

We ate at a few places in Inverness but overall, the tendency is for expensive and very average food. There are two specific places I'd recommend:

  • The Oakwood is the #1 recommendation - outside Inverness in Dochgarroch. Delicious meat dishes (casseroles, "very local" venison steak, haggis, etc) and lovely veg served in a friendly antique-shop environment - the place actually is an antique shop, you see! And the puddings were lovely too.
  • Number 27, just near the castle, served really nice food, at a decent price and in a pleasant environment - a relaxed (but busy!) bar-stroke-restaurant feel to the place.

Also highly recommended is the Jeera indian restaurant, although there was a small mix-up with our order, plus I was a bit put off by the various photos of Gordon Ramsay grinning down at us (the restaurant had been on one of his programmes).

Another great recommendation is the café in Leakey's second-hand bookshop, a great place for a light lunch (including lovely cake).

The lovely warm Leakey's bookshop

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