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Women on magazines

There are plenty of women in pop culture and quite a few who I specifically respect for the way they've carved their career; but it's depressing what a large proportion of them fall back on the lad-mag shoots and related strategies for their celebrity. No-one should deny a woman's right to pose for lads' mags etc, but when it's the overwhelming trend for women in pop culture you should start to worry.

There are people who I thought were cool but then unexpectedly got their tits out for some mag or advert. Gail Porter and Nicole Kidman are the two that come to mind, both of whom seemed as though they were getting on fine without selling their skin. They have every right to do it - but famous people are role-models as well as gossip-fodder, and it shouldn't be so common for a woman to have shown off her bits in the course of celebrity, because it's on the way towards being compulsory. The only two young female celebrities I can think of who haven't been near that are artists like Björk and Tori Amos, and coincidentally enough they're both commonly referred to as weirdos in the media.

I was prompted to write this after stumbling into a supermarket. The first aisle was magazines, and it was really weird how uniform the covers of the mags were - a load of blonde, white, straight-haired pouting women - and I'm including the lads' mags as well as the women's mags here. Does anyone else find it weird how similar the covers for lads' mags and women's mags are? Fewer clothes in one variety of course, but still. And the uniformity! The women on the front of Loaded magazine look exactly the same, month in, month out, unless of course I'm mistaken and it really is the same woman every month.

Scarlett Johansson was the only woman in this row of faces that seemed to have something to say, although it was something about fashion and ethics - one of those subjects that comes round every 5 years or so.

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