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Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older

What a title: "Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older". And the book really does explain the phenomenon. That's not the whole subject of the book - it actually only occupies one chapter, worth reading for that chapter alone - and in fact the book covers a wide range of very important topics about human memory. Strange phenomena such as the "reminiscence effect" by which old people tend to remember more about their younger years, and investigations of what happens in near-death experiences (life flashing before the eyes).

The book is written in a very pleasant scientific/philosophical/historical tone - i.e. not too scientistic, as many pop-science books can tend to be. It's a very similar tone to I See A Voice by Jonathan Rée (another book I very highly recommend), and has also been compared to the way Oliver Sacks writes. You'll get clear descriptions of relevant experiments, but you'll also get evocative descriptions of a single person's story (e.g. a sufferer of some unusual memory phenomenon, or an artist who painted a particular painting which binds together themes of memory and mortality).

The research perspectives on remembering/forgetting alone are enough to justify reading the book. It's a subject which you really need to know about. If you're old enough to experience the "reminiscence effect" you may find a lot explained by this book, and if you're young enough (like me) not to be anywhere near experiencing it yet, you'll find plenty to prepare you for the future...

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