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Sponsored Haircut: No more dreads

So I've had my sponsored haircut and I'm getting used to not having dreadlocks. My neck's just about got used to the difference in weight (0.8kg, by the way) but there's still alot to get used to. Dreads are really cool and I like them a lot, but it's nice not to have to think twice about going swimming or just going out in the rain (because of how long it always took to dry them).

There are so many differences. Friends won't be able to pick me out instantly from a crowd of hundreds. People in train stations will no longer shout friendly things at me out of the blue. Drug dealers in Camden will no longer gravitate towards me (this was the only thing that got to be irritating!). Small children no longer stare and stare at me, which is a bit of a shame: it's funny, especially when parents get all embarrassed about it - heh heh heh.

It's weird having to fiddle with my hair every morning to make it look right - does everyone else really have to do this? Cor. I guess I'll have to get used to it. But it is slightly complicated by the fact that the hairdresser recommended I use this stuff called "curl cream". I'm still not sure at all what it is, or quite how to apply it properly, but it does have a good effect so I'm going to carry on with it.

There's actually very little useful information online about "curl cream" - is it some kind of new invention? The most informative page I found was this nice blog article about curly hair. (In fact, the book seems to recommend against curl cream, and even against shampooing curly hair, which I'm not going to try out just yet. But check out the testimonials on the amazon page for the book...)

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