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Maison full of Oiseaux

The people downstairs are being annoying again, playing bassy music loudly. Rather than start an arms race by putting on some bassy music of my own, I put on Catalogue des Oiseaux by Messiaen.

The thing is that it's a 3-CD set consisting basically of birdsong transcribed for piano: so what I did was put CD1 on the main hi-fi, and at the same time put CD2 on the hi-fi in the little room. The result is amazing: the CDs call-and-respond with each other, and share themes, and sometimes they're following each other's moods and sometimes they're contrasting. It's a perfect piece of music for doing this with. (Very different kind of experience from Zaireeka, by the way, although that's good in a different way.) Maybe I should put CD3 on in the bathroom.

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