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dyne:bolic is the cleverest little thing in the world: It's a version of Linux that can be run from a CD, without having to install anything on the hard drive. Not only that, but it's designed as a multimedia activist tool - it comes preloaded with lots of great audio and video software, so you can carry a CD around with you and quickly boot up any ordinary PC into a creative multimedia environment.

It's been around for while but some of the recent features have really caught my attention: the ability to "nest" and store data on a USB stick or hard drive, or even to modify the way the system works and re-save it onto a CD-RW. This has inspired one group of people to modify dyne:bolic into pure:dyne, a version that includes the Pure Data and SuperCollider live synthesis environments. I'm running it on a PC laptop and it's very nice. A couple of glitches (it didn't seem to recognise double-clicks on first boot, but it's worked fine ever since) but very promising.

I really like the main developer's attitude too. Seems to come from a rastafarian tradition and is keen to make sure the system can work on all manner of cheap and low-spec computers:

the roots of dyne:bolic are to support unexpensive hardware for the poors and exploited people of this world, and to provide technology for the revolution. of course it's a multimedia distribution: because there is no revolution without dancing ;)
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