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Dangerous and facile Kim Howells

  • Muslim leaders wrote an open letter to the prime minister, saying that British foreign policy is putting its citizens at risk
  • Kim Howells dismissed the letter as "dangerous and facile"
  • Kim Howells is an idiot.

As someone living and working in London I'm one of the people being put particularly at risk and I can't stand it when idiots like Howells deny that the motivation of these terrorists can possibly go any deeper than George Bush's beloved and meaningless "They hate our freedom".

The methods of these terrorists are despicable but the people involved are still human. They aren't reacting because they froth at the mouth when they hear about a country where people are free, they're reacting to perceived injustices, some of which are genuine injustices.

"There is no way of rationalising that" says Kim Howells. But only by understanding why people do things like this can we ever hope to stop them. The investigative work to halt specific plots before they're carried out is absolutely laudable, but it treats the symptoms rather than the disease.

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