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What I said about the bombs

An email I wrote to Radio 4's PM programme after the 7th July bombings, which they kindly decided to put on their website...:

I work in an office just round the corner from where the bus-bomb was detonated. I have to say that I can't help blaming George Bush and Tony Blair. When we marched in our millions against the Iraq War, we said even then that it would increase rather than decrease the threat from terrorism. It was obvious.

Of course, the deluded and callous people who took part in the bomb plot are the actual villains of the piece - but on a historical scale it's easy to see the Iraq War's causal connection.

To pull out of Iraq without making reparations and ensuring stability would be idiotic. The deed is done. I just hope that in years to come, long after Tony Blair has retired from politics, he can bring himself to admit the gravity of the mistake.

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